Customized Apartment Personnel Solutions


Our Service

Our company is designed with the diversity of our clients in mind. Whether you need a fill-in for someone out on vacation, long-term temporary staff during peak cycles, or help to recruit your next full-time hire, we will customize a staffing solution that best fits your need.

Apartment Pro's approach to staffing is virtually unmatched because we take a customized approach to every account and strive to understand your business like no one else.

Areas of Specialty

Temporary Staffing

Our database consists of experienced and qualified candidates that can accommodate you ASAP.  We have the right person for you whether it’s for a few days, weeks, or even months!


Found a potential candidate on your own? Feel free to put them on our payroll so you can try them out for however long you may need to see if they’d be a great fit for your property! Once your decision is made there is no fee to transfer them from our books to yours!


Our temp-to-hire division gives you an opportunity to assess our associates’ performance for a period of 160 before transferring them to your payroll. At the end of the 160 hours, you can transfer them to your payroll without paying a fee. If for any reason the person does not meet your expectations, there is no obligation to hire them.